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Alarm will not disarm

Guest Richard D

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Guest Richard D

I have gone through the schematic and read the troubleshooting instructions and I have a problem. It will not disarm with either the left or right door lock or the unlock button on the remote. It looks like the theft deterrent module needs to be replaced. I wanted to remove the in-line fuse that runs the module so I can at least lock the car. I can not find the in-line 20 amp fuse that feeds the theft deterrent module. It is above the sound panel on the left side of the steering column. I injured my back many years ago and can not lay on the drivers side floor, I have to crawl in and turn my head to see the under dash wiring. Would removing that fuse disable anything else besides the alarm system? It does not look like it would. I may have to take it to a shop to have the fuse removed or a new module put in. Has anybody ever seen this fuse?

Thank's to all,


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