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1967 340-4 and 1971 350-4 engines for sale


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I have 2 cars that I am stripping and dont know what to do with the engines as I really dont mess with them, but these I believe are not throw aways. First the 340-4 is in a 67 skylark. The engine is complete and original wit the factory carter 4bbl. It does run, does not smoke or knock. It has been off the road since 92 per the last owner, but started from time to time. Once I bought it, I cleaned the plugs changed the oil and she started on the first try, and let it idle for 1 hour in the driveway. The choke kept sticking, but it ran very well. The 71 350-4 is in a 72 GS and per the last owner, it was rebuilt approx. 30k miles ago. That is evident from how nice this one looks. It also started on the first spin, ran nice for about 5 mins, did not smoke or knock, but due to 10 year old gas, and a very leaky rochester, it kept stalling out. Both are still in the cars and can be shown how they run before removed. I will even throw in the transmissons with each. (easire to get out that way). I live in Maryland. Give me an email at basmster@md.prestige.net if interested. $200 on the 340 and $250 for the 350. Please ask any questions you might have. Thanks, Ross

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