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Red Brake Light is ON......

Guest wally888

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Guest wally888

OOPS, it went off, now its on but hit a bump and it went off.

Strange, the yellow light has not come on except on initial start. Brakes work fine. Sometimes it seems the red light comes on in a turn, was it a right turn, maybe but it was on and I turned right and it went off. I'll try a left turn, still on, maybe crossing this railroad track will turn it off, nope! The above went on for several days.

I removed and cleaned all electrical connections, replaced the Main Relay, gave the car the brake tests up to the point where they say "Check Fluid Level"................

Now you know the reason for the recent post re. fluid level drop as pads are worn..........still wondering how much drop in ......lets say 10,000 miles of city stop and go?

This car is a 90, I have a 91 FSM, am wondering about "Brake Fluid Level Low" warning on 88,89's.....?

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Guest wally888


It was low reservoir fluid!

I only have a 91 FSM and a 90 ragtop.

Think I remember the 88/89 have a warning for low fluid. Evidently 90 has none.

I replaced accumulator about 15,000 miles ago, also flushed brake system and refilled. Wondering where all the fluid went! No visual external leaks.

I have not used parking brake for years but did check to see if it was causing light. Applied it numerous times, does it adjust rears?

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