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Northeast Distributor Rotor #20990, Capacitor #22901


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Guest stude8

From my 1934 Automotive Electric Assn catalog, North East 5022901 condenser fits: Chrysler Marine 1930; Cunningham 1929-30; Packard 1928-31; Sterling Engine 1929 & 1932-34.

Niehoff 1931 catalog also confirms Packard 1928-30.

The 20990 number doesn't appear in any of my aftermarket ignition catalogs that cover 1920-1940 applications?


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The 20990 number is what is cast into the rotor. The rotor and condensor were together amongst my Dad's stash, and the rotor matches a picture of the 28-32 NE Rotor researched elsewhere, so I am comfortable that I've got them ID'd now. Thanks for the help.

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