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Classic car market remains vibrant amid slump.

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Guest Dean_H.

I'm a little surprised the old car market is doing well. You'd think an extra toy in the garage might be the first to go in hard times.

The comment the auctioneer made, 'take out your stimulus checks' was a good one. grin.gif

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Folks who have some discretionary income can afford to hold on to the old rusty junk they have and maybe think about buying another one. Now might be a good time to buy if you find someone wanting to unload a solid car. I wouldn't want a project though. Parts and restoration costs haven't come down any.

Another of my hobbies is completing sets of family heirloom china. I have both grandmothers' 1930s vintage Sunday sets, my mother's 1960s Sunday set, and am starting on great-grandma Laws' 1891 vintage Mt Clemens set and Mama's everyday French Saxon set from when they first married in 1943. Neither was expensive stuff in its time and back then was common as dirt, but both have proven fairly hard to find now. Needless to say, I spent another chunk of money at Replacements this afternoon. blush.giffrown.gif

I'd never taken the tour, so did that and the tour host mentioned they hadn't seen much drop in business compared to the economy, and they attributed it to folks who had the discretionary income to afford to own this stuff weren't backing off much.

I'll say this. Old cars ain't the only expensive hobby in the world. I've spent a hella lot more replacing missing/broken pieces of this stuff than it cost new, and could have probably bought really nice new dinnerware from a premium maker for less money. But it's family stuff. One of the great-grands (as redneck a boy as they come) has already claimed the Buckner Sunday set in my will. Fine, you and yer brothers fight over it, but right now it's marked as yours.

God help me when the Williamson side finds out I've rebuilt Ma Corinna's Laughlin set. Most of it was lost when the homeplace burned in 1947, but I have assembled service for eight, same as she had.

Yup. Discretionary income. Thankful to be at a station in life to have it.

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