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Door actuator connection


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I need a part.

On the passenger side door (1989 Reatta) there is a part

that connects linkage in order to lock and unlock the door


Attached to this part by a rivet is an L-shaped part that extends down

and connects with the actuator which allows the door to lock and unlock

automatically. This L-shaped part is broken and welding it just may not last.

I do not necessarily prowl the salvage yards but what other autos have the

same part?

I need that part that is held on by the rivet.




1989 Reatta White/Blue




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Guest CL_Reatta

i had the exact same problem with mine...what I eneded up doing was taking a piece of metal and screwing it in place...make sure it is long enough to not pop out of the sleeve...4 years later still doing the job

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Guest AarOn!

I had the same problem on my 1989 Riviera....that same linkage was broken. However, after having it repaired, I am afraid that it will end up breaking again. The locks are pretty hard to pull up and push down manually, and of course when using the electronic lock to unlock/lock the doors, the doors on my car dont fully unlock/lock most of the time. My question is where would I lubricate in the door so that the linkage doesnt break again and the locks actually fully engage/disengage? If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would gladly appreciate it!

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