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Forum Breakfast in Colorado

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My 2nd national but first forum breakfast. Don't know what number I am but put me down for two. Looking forward to putting a face with a name!


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It sure looks like all of you had a great time without JD, Lamar, Dandy Dave, Lana and Me. We wish we could have been there but there's next year. We can't wait to hear more about the events and what is happening.

While all of you were having a good time, we were out trimming our hedges.

Glad to see a couple young Buick people in attendance.

Roberta, thanks for posting all of the pictures.

Lana and Stevo

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Woody enjoyed the breakfast. He got to pick for me which made the morning even better for him. He got a 1912 Winn Dixie Buick that is still in the package from the 80's. We'll see if that lasts. The breakfast was fun for everybody. It was nice seeing all of my forum friends and meeting new ones.

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You don't know how good it feels to recogonize most of the people in that crowd. Sure looks like you had a great time. Sorry to have missed this.

Yep, hate I missed another one! :( Looks like a lot of fun, thanks for all the play by play pictures Berta!! There's a few new faces though, could you possibly edit in names under the pictures.

Who got what and ended up with what. Can't wait to get mine in the mail, I hear it is a T-shirt and something about paying attention to the washing instructions. OH BOY

Mike, Woody has really grown, how old is he now. He'll be a big help with that convertible eh. and before you know it he'll be out clutchin an shiftin gears on his own.

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The Woodster is gonna be 6 in three weeks. You can remember how old he is by remembering the Flint 100th anniversary. He was born at the same time, thus why I missed the event.

I have received a lot of encouragement and razzing/ questioning when I will start the convertible project. Should be soon. Woody WILL get his hands dirty!

I loved the Mr. Earl autographed pic at the forum breakfast. I wanted to steal it, but let my assistant pick a new one to unwrap.

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Stevo and Lamar,

I have your presents and now I am home.

Once I get unpacked and find everything my wife hid (er packed), I will be sending them off to you both.

Thanks for joining us in spirit,you missed a good time and we look forward to seeing you both in Iowa next year.

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Thanks for retrieving our gifts. However before I see what it is, I need to see everybody elses and see who's I wants to steal...correct?.....:D

Sorry I didn't hear my cell phone when you called from the breakfast. The tractor was running and I was hard at work whilst everyone else was playing and having a blast. Glad my friend Charles ended up with the souped up 59 rat rod and the one of autographed 8 X 10 of yours truluy, I am sure both will be priceless someday. :D

I'll be watching the mailbox everyday til it arrives:)

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Thanks Bill and everyone else at the breakfast,

Thanks for thinking about us and leaving a message. I know I could hear a lot of laughing in the background so I am awaiting the delivery with trepid anticipation. It was not really necessary to send a gift along, the ones sent could have been extra! I can't wait for the delivery and the set up for next year.


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I wound up with the stash of 2008 Flint merchandise supplied by Roberta...someone had to steal away from Mark Shaw again. What I really wanted was the portfolio and the pad of paper in it...seems I forgot to bring an appropriate pad again.

Roberta wound up with (most of) the Russian Mint chocolates from a Winnipeg chocolatier. Never put your chocolates in The Old Guy's basket when his wife is around....

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