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Brake conversion troubles.

de grandis

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Hello. I have a 73 olds omega that has the standard 4 wheel drum brakes and a non power master. Since i am throwing a 455 in it i need a non power drum to disk front brake conversion kit. i have ordered a kit for a nova and to my surprise it didnt fit. If anybody could help shed some light this it would be great.

P.S. i need to stay non power due to a lack of vacume.

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Your 73 Omega uses the same spindles as the 68-74 X-body (Nova and clones), the 67-69 F-body (Camaro/Firebird), and the 64-72 A-body (Cutlass, Chevelle, etc). This is not a difficult swap. What exactly doesn't fit?

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: pitt64</div><div class="ubbcode-body">What cam is in the Olds 455? I run a 308/320 Ram Air 4 cam in my Pontiac 455. It idles at 10" and my power brakes work fine.

Use a cam with a lobe seperation of 112 or more and stay away from Rhoads lifters..

I did do a lot of tuning and have a Summit vacuum can with the excellent NAPA booster check valve...

Check out the Classic Olds or HAMB sites... </div></div>

Factory manual disk brakes are fine in these cars. I have the factory manual disks in my 1970 W-30 and the car stops just as easily as my other 442s with power brakes.

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