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Michigan TC Get-Together - May 15-17, 2009

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Just putting out a reminder that Ted Morningstar has arranged a get-together for TC owners in the South East Michigan area (Metro-Detroit).

Friday, May 15th at 1 p.m. there will be a tour of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills (http://chryslerheritage.com) and Saturday from 10-4 the plan is to have our TC's parked out at the circle drive at the museum. There are some other plans for the weekend as well.

As of last notice, it seems that there are at least 15 TC's making the trip. It'd be great to see how many local (or semi-local) owners we can get to show up to add the festivities!

We don't seem to have as many active members in this area so we generally don't have a chance to see this many TC's all in one place (let alone just spot another ONE)!

Hope to see you there!

- Steve

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Here are a few pics from Detroit. After almost a month I just got back to Florida yesterday. My car is still in Alabama waiting on a part. It's a LONG story that I'll post on my web site when I'm mentaly more stable and story is finally over. I will try to post all my 300 or so pictures on my site later this week. I will send a cd with all pictures to all that attended when I can. Thanks for your patience. Tim






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My lovely wife and I just updated our web site with pictures and links of the 20th anniversary TC event in Auburn Hills Michigan last month. Sorry it has taken so long to update. All of the photos are posted on flicker for your use. All TC owners who attended should have recieved a cd with the pictures and a DVD slideshow in the mail this week. If you were there and did not get pictures-drop me a note please.

Thanks--Tim & Donna Cowan




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