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Kelsey Hayes Wire Wheels Tire Recommendation


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I have a 1953 Buick Skylark with the standard 15" K-H wheels. I'm looking to purchase a set of L78-15 WW tires and have found this size in a Coker and Candy Classic. My question is: do I need to have a tube tire for the wires or will tubeless work? I remember reading that I needed tube tires but I'm pretty sure the Candy Classic and Cokers are tubeless. Any advice is much appreciated.

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You can use a tube on tubeless tires. For those wheels you do need a tube too. Also there should be a wide rubber band covering the nubs for the spokes, inside the rim. Check that rubber band to make sure there is no rust or debris on the edges or you will have holes in your new tubes.

Would love to see some pictures.

Good luck

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Thanks John!

I'm getting some paint and body work done on it this week, getting it ready for a wedding next month. Once I get the new shoes on it, I'll post some pics.

Thanks again for your help!


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Guest imported_MrEarl

OOOOhhhh that is beautiful. My favorite color. What color is the top.

btw Welcome aboard and hope you will stop in regular. Will be looking for your beauty in the Me and My Buick forum. smile.gif

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I have installed the Kelsey-Hayes Skylark wheels on my 53 Super convertible with radial tire and no tubes. I am using a P225/75R 15 which is equivalent to the L78. My understanding is Skylarks had 6 or 6 1/2 inch wheels. Mine are restored 6 1/2 inch with stainless spokes and nipples. They have the center sealed with epoxy and do not leak. I also used stainless steel valve stems and caps. Just info which may be of interest to you.

Bill Madden

Alpine, CA

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