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Frame Rust


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Guest Greg Ross

Rustoleum I don't think will work where there's salt exposure, it doesn't like the clorides if it's anything like the Canadian Equiv. "Trem Clad"

We've talked before about Rust Inhibitors that are available in Canada, "Krown" etc.

Maybe a search might dredge up some of that.

Problem with a product like POR-15 is it would be difficult, next to impossible to do what you want for protection without removing the rear sub-frame, to get to all the surfaces. Most susceptible for corrosion are the light sheet metal bits that support the Isolators.

No easy answer for this one, especially in the North/ salt country.

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Guest THEHKP7M13

I agree with POR-15, but if it is you DD in the winter you will have to touch it up at least once a year.

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If your rear frame area is that bad, you better inspect the front sub-frame, (drivetrain carrier), vibration isolators, (4 rubber sub-frame to body mounts), for corrosion.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Failure of these components can cause separation of the sub-frame while driving, as happened to Notamekanik 2 winters ago. When this happens, the steering column knucle disconnects from the steering rack-disabling steering functions!</span>

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You didn't mention if you drive the car in the winter or not and that makes a big difference. If you do not expose the car to road salt then painting is certainly a good clean alernative but as someone else mentioned, it may be difficult to get into the nooks and crannies.

If you do drive the car in winter here is what I have done for the last 20 years on my winter vehicles that I want to keep from rusting underneath. I get regular oil and mix a small amount of kerosene or diesel fuel with it to thin it out. I'm guessing maybe 10% and spray this mixture on affected areas. I have an inexpensive siphon sprayer but have also used a small plastic pump up garden sprayer with same results. This mixture will get into all the small and hard to reach areas and an application in the fall will protect it all winter. You will want to protect the floor or do it in an area where a few drops of oil on the ground won't hurt anything.

I recently sold a 94 Ford truck that I ran every winter for 14 years. Anyone who has one of these knows how bad and fast the chincy steel rusts but this thing looked so good no one could believe it ever saw salt. On average I only applied it every 2 years but that depended how many winter miles I put on it. It works better than anything else I've seen and is a whole lot less expensive.

Yes the area sprayed will have an oil residue but in the salt belt you have to compromise. Its either that or rust, or don't drive it int he salt.

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