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1937 Century - Ignition Switch Jammed

1937 Buick 66C

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[font:Arial]Good Evening,

It's a nice warm evening here in the mountain west, so I thought I'd take the Century out for a drive. I turned the ignition switch 1/4 turn (about 1/2 way) to unlock the steering lock. There was a click, and now the switch is jammed (see image below). Based on the symptoms, I believe either the lock tumbler has failed, or the pin on the bottom of the tumbler which engages the steering column has broken.

[*]The key cannot be turned, but does wiggle about.

[*]The key cannot be pulled out of the lock

[*]The steering column is not fully unlocked

[*]The hole in the face of the switch is not appropriately aligned such that I can use a punch to get in to release the tumbler.

[*]I have removed both the ball-spring detent and the electrical module which has not addressed the problem

[*]There is no access to the lock assembly from the back

Do any of you fine folks on the list have an idea about how to get the tumbler assembly released from it's housing? Is anyone aware of where one might obtain a replacement tumbler assembly?

Thanks in advance for your assistance

Jon Kanas


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Guest Art  Williams


Is this still a problem? I was going to reply to you but the forum upgrade got in the way. I think there is a pin (on my car I fitted a grub screw) on the underside that holds the barrel in. Let me know and I can pull mines apart tomorrow and give you a better idea of it's construction.

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