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1972 Centurion 2 door Hardtop

Guest BJM

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VIN 4P47T2X117515

Low optioned car - has A/C, tilt wheel, factory road wheels and (standard) 455.

Triple Black





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Jake, I like that this one has the Centurion paint stripe but lacks the protective bodyside moldings. This car was a real looker when it rolled off the Fairfax assembly line -- and it can be a looker once again.

Any '71/'72 Formal Coupe is scarce today, and it was very unusual to see a triple black example. We'll have to look up the production numbers for you.

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Thanks Brian and Lamar.

This was purchased when I started a post on a 73 Centurion coupe in South Dakota. Somebody noticed this car on ebay. I followed up on it when the reserve was not met. It was mentioned at the time that the triple black was rare.

This car was close to being crushed. My plan is to restore it in time for the Iowa National meet in July 2010.

It is in decent condition. It's fairly straight and there is some rust in the pans, but not horrible. I always like to buy cars that are original even if worn out.

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It would be awesome to have two Formal Coupes at Iowa 2010!!

Congratulations on the purchase...and as Brian said, an excellent color combo on this body style.

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With summer over, and some non automotive projects completed, the Centurion is in the garage in the process of tear down. In full analysis, this car is way too far gone to restore. The floor pans are very rusty and once I get the interior removed, I am sure the vacuum will suck up most of the floor.

For now, I am removing the front clip. By my luck, a fellow on Craigs List 20 miles away had a MINT set of shop manuals (body and chassis) that he purchased new with his 72 Electra 37 years ago. I got them for $18. He was going to throw them away.

I read Adam's comments on consideration of quitting on his 58. Once the reality sets in on some of these cars, it's always a consideration.

I do not have Adam's welding skills and probably do not have the money to purchase a first rate set up welder. I will have to minimize my need for welded in panels on this car.

Once I start adding pictures (this week) you will all see what I mean. I am documenting very well using photos and writing in a journal. I am also very experienced at dismantlement and restoration.

One tip to restorers is to replace the removed fastener in the part removed (hood bolts back in hood, etc) rather then throwing them all in a big pile. You may not reuse some of those fasteners but at least you know the right length, thread pitch etc when the parts go back together.

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