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Wanted: 18" 5-lug wire wheel(s)

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I am still looking for one or two 18" wire wheels for the later 1932 Nash 6 or small 8 cars. They are 5 lugs on the 5.5" bolt circle.

The important measurement is the hubcap hole which is rather large at 6-5/8".

The yellow wheel is the correct one, but I just found the rusty one last weekend at a swapmeet. That one is unknown brand. It does have the correct bolt pattern and hub hole size, but the back of the center hub is a bit smaller. At this point, I don't care which wheel if you have either style. They will be painted the correct midnight blue, so I doubt it will be noticable, especially when mounted in the spare tire wells.

I also need hubcaps; I only have 4 well used ones. Thanks



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