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Scout Boy

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Check out POR 15. They have a gas tank coating kit. You may not have to remove all the rust with their product.

I have not used it but have used the POR 15 rust encapsulating product and think it is excellent.

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Guest abh3usn

Eastwood also has a gas tank cleaning kit. I had mine cleaned/repaired at a local radiator shop which cost me $200. However, they cleaned it, painted it, fixed holes, and added a drain plug. If you chose this route call before you lug your tank to them some places I called didn't do gas tanks.

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Guest simplyconnected

If you can find a new one on eBay, jump on it. New tanks have a tin coating that cannot be duplicated. Paint can close your pickup tube and vent holes. Some of the tanks I see are about $200 or so. Get one and don't put good money after bad. Hope this helps.

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