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1928 Lincoln Locke body touring


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Guest boettger

The Brillman Company has everything you need to make new ignition wires for your Lincoln.

Here's the link to their Spark Plug Wires.

They also have the connectors for each end and insulating boots.

Good people to deal with!:)

The Brillman Company

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dean i was asking about the color of the car and where it was from ,because as a kid an older friend of my dads taught me about restoration work, he had a 1928 lincoln locke body touring car, it was from southern calif an was ivory with black fenders,at the time it was really beautiful, had original paint on body an original interior, i remember it had massive wire wheels, the gentlemans name was Harold Hoe, he passed away in the middle 70s and i never knew what happened to the car,i thought it went to a lincoln museum in missouri but no one seems to know

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