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1925 Dodge - Need help finding 20 Inch disk wheels

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Hi Guy's I am in Australia. I have just joined this forum and what a fantastic facility this is for all car enthusiasts. I have watched with interest the questions and answers given and level of help and assistance I have seen is second to none. "Hats off and well done."

I have a 1925 Dodge which was originally fitted with disk wheels. It also has the correct hubs fitted. Here is Oz Dodge vehicles only had the disk wheels fitted as an accessory and as such it has been difficult to find wheels in any usable condition. My car is nearing completion and any information in finding a set of wheels would be greatly appreciated. There are a number of company's here who import from the states, so freight to Oz won't be a problem.

Thanks again for a great forum and I hope in the future that I can participate with help and assistance based on experience, however for now any help in finding a set of wheels can be e-mail to me at el281530@bigpond.net.au.

Regards - Ted

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Guest coreyvett

I have 5 21 inch solid wheels in good shape with 6 1/2 bolt pattern and tires on them.the tires were bought new along time ago and was never drivn so they are dry rotting a bit.plus i have the spare tire rack with the brass DB emblem in the center. These are off of my 1927 124 with 9998 original miles. Ive sent trans am parts to ausie and havnt had any problem with shipping.. If you still need some wheels, let me know and we will see what we can do.

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