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16V Leather Driver Seat Finished

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WOW!!! Weather was just perfect. Humidity very low. did not need 3 day drying time. everything was set to go overnight. I used a system I devised myself. 1" trim brush, & a micro cloth wax applicator that looks like an oversized powder puff.

I started with the back of the backrest. Used the brush to get in all the deep crevacesses. Then brushed the dye on the surface in a crazy sort of circular motion. I didn't want any straight lines. I followed that with a good scrubbing motion with the puff applicator. working the dye in from all angles. finished with a very very light pass over the top with the puff. NO BRUSH MARKS.. I worked 1 section at the time. I was very careful to not leave any heavy areas, I kinda featheredged out to the next panel. next I did the headrest and all the side panels, including 1 surface of the overlap pillow bolsters.

Then I proceded to the seat cushion I did the side panels, and the bottoms of the pillow bolsters.

Back to the backrest. Did the front of the bolsters, front of the headrest, and other half of the overlap pillow bolsters. The dye worked very nice. when the surface dried the foldover wrinkles stayed wet enough for me to carefully wipe the inside of the fold with a folded paper towel to remove the excess dye. Everything dryed perfectly. Nothing stuck together..





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Gotcha. Would it help if I did some checking.? if it's OK just give me the weight, and zip. I'll find out if we can ship with just a label wrapped on the thickest part. Lou

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Hey Alan,

The redye job was much easier than I expected. Considering that I gave the leather a good treatment (3X) lastfall. And 1 "Pristene Clean". Then let it relax all winter. Then this spring 1 good soaking coat cooked in the sun for 3 days. I then washed the leather 2X with thier "Pristene Clean". The overall time was very slight.

I'll count it off:

Very good vacuum job on seats 1/2 hr. Each treatment 1 hr. 3 cleanings 1 hr. ea. Wash/scrub with preping agent 2 hrs. Remove seats & set them up on work bench 1 hr. Redye seats 2 coats 1 hr. ea. I coat of dye on the rest of the interior 1 hr. Reinstall seats.

It all came to 14.5 hours. about $150. in Leatherique

This is real easy, as long as you have a place to leave everything out of the way between drying and treating.

I always referred to these kind of jobs as "A Piece Of Cake"; but the kids always corrected me and called it "Ice Cream"

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Your restored seats look great! Your are a real craftsmen!

Having read each of your posts on what resulted in a professional seat restoration project I was wondering if you would be willing to put all the procedures and products used for the complete process in one post on this form or in an article in the TC America news letter or maybe both?

Having all procedures and material used in one post might result in this novas’ starting this restoration project.

Just in case I discover it to be too much for me to take on have you consider going into business accomplishing this restoration process for others?


Bob Steele

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