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ODMA meet

Guest quadfins

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Guest quadfins

I am planning to attend the ODMA meet this Saturday. Is anyone else on the forum planning to attend? Last year sure had a great selection of vehicles, and I'm looking forward to this one.

Jim Eccleston

1961 Coupe de Ville


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to learn more about this great organization in Virginia. Each year an AACA style meet is produced and hosted my member AACA Regions. The show is rotated around the state and there is a lot of friendly competition among regions to see who can turn out the most vehicles. Our Tidewater Region and the Richmond Region have been passing the Old Dominion trophy around for a number of years. The organization has pulled together AACA members to help combat anti-hobby legislation and we've been very successful in having our very loud voice heard. Check the link and enjoy. I think every state should have a similar organization!

We'll be there with our 74 MGBGT.


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It's a non-geographical AACA Region from Virginia. It's called the "Old Dominion Meet Association". They have one National Style meet each year, following along with the AACA National rules.

Other than a meet each year, what do they/we smile.gif do? This association came together recently and helped Virginia put into effect an Antique Auto Licensing/Registration law that did away with property taxes on antique cars in Virginia, but also made the antique car tag a one time only registration law in Virginia.


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