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Front Page Extension Problem

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Since the regional websites have moved my navigation links at the bottom of each page do not work correctly. Only a couple of page links show up, the remainder are missing. This navigation link line is a FrontPage Extension.

I tried to re-publish my entire website "wheelsinmotion" but no changes. Anyone have any idea on the problem and fix?

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PeterG is evidently working on the web site for the next few days. I noticed that the photo gallery isn't working correctly either.

Please wait until all updates have been finished, then we will be able to update our regional web sites.

Thanks for your patience!


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I am also having Front Page problems. In one folder, only half my files are transferring and it stops. Peter, can you set me up for ftp so I can get the files over that way? Send me the settings. I am familiar with Filezilla and FTP Commander and should be able to figure out the setup once I get the hostname, user, password and port (if necessary)..

Send to:



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