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1940 continental convertible

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The Lincoln and Continental Owner Club has a directory of member's cars, however, that only puts a dent in the actual number out there.

Like the Mark II, the original Continental was recognized as a collectible before it became just a used car. Many were saved. Like the Mark II, though, they seem undervalued, IMO, because so many survived.

I collect Continental Convertibles. Please send me a link to pictures.

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This question seems to come up regularly. Other that a few cars, such as the Bugatti Royales, there is NO WAY to determine how many are left. There is a good idea of how many of the ultra rare or collectable cars are left, like Duesies, Tuckers etc, but then another example is unearthed and changes everything. We've all seen ads for cars claiming there are only 3 left on earth. He knows this because he searched the DMV records. Hogwash!! Nearly all DMV records are unsearchable by the public. Usually the, so called, ultra rare classic turns out to be a Model "T" or an Essex or some other common car

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even Manheim gold on occasion states how many cars still exist and i still dont believe but i guess its a reference.

i have one of the below and you can see what i mean.

COUPE 3W (5/253 left) 305/130 V12 12,400 18,500 27,000 36,000 16,600

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