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looking for lucas 11ac alternator positive ground

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The only place i could locate any stocked for sale online was at Rimmer Bros. They have it in their catalog for $140.25 + $45.00 core charge (at today's exchange rate). However since they're in Great Britain the shipping charges will add a good $40.00+ to that.

I believe the 11ac alternator was an optional item for Mk. 1 Triumph GT6s. Victoria British lists alternators for GT6s without mentioning Lucas #'s. If you call them they might have your's stateside for less.

The Lucas rebuilt unit number for the 11ac is GEU2202. You might be able to scare one up locally using that number.

Good luck!

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It is currently on a 1960 jag.

I don't know what the correct aplication for this alternator is, this car was altered many years ago and the original generator was removed.

I did get a replacement alternator once but it was negative ground and had to be returned.

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Years ago I bought about a dozen NOS pos. ground alts. They were used on Aston Martins. I gave them to an electronics rebuilder and he turned them into neg. ground by replacing the diode packs. They were then the same units as '65 onward Jag. E-type.

So I assume you can get a common neg. ground 11AC unit and have it rebuilt into pos. ground.

If you go to Ebay and contact "NOSLUCAS", he probably has any parts you need. (At least I think that's his Ebay name.) I recently sold him about a half ton of NOS lucas rebuild parts. He should have the pieces you need.


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I'll bet what Phil is describing is what was done to the unit you currently have. I don't have a complete Lucas catalog, but I can't find a single application for a positive ground 11ac (beyond to possibility of the optional use on GT6s I mentioned, but even then I can't find anybody offering replacements).

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I would suggest that you consider returning the car back to stock condition with a generator and voltage regulator. Those systems work just fine under pretty much any circumstances that a classic Jaguar might be used in. The only real advantage of an alternator is that it generates more power at lower rpms. That's fine for a car with an automatic tranny that's going to sit in traffic all day, but I doubt that's something your Jag's going to see on a consistent basis.

If you decide to go that route, according to my <span style="font-style: italic">Motor Trader Jaguar and Triumph Sports Cars Servicing Handbook</span> the correct generator for a late XK150 is Model C45PVS-6 (part # 22496), with a control box (regulator) Model RB310 (part # 37297).

If you have a sedan those are probably the same units used, but I'd check with a major Jaguar supplier first.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I can't find a single application for a positive ground 11ac (beyond to possibility of the optional use on GT6s I mentioned, but even then I can't find anybody offering replacements).</div></div>

I found one <span style="text-decoration: underline">definite</span> application for positive ground 11ac alternators. They were installed on "police specification" Triumph TR4s. By the time the TR4A came out the car was switched to negative earth. They were installed post-production by a special department in Standard-Triumph.

Bill Piggot, in the book <span style="font-style: italic">The Original TR4/4A/5/6</span> says that (in relation to these Police spec. TR4s) "<span style="font-style: italic">...so it appears that both positive and negative earth 11AC alternators could be found.</span>" It appears to have even been a surprise to him.

You might try contacting the Vintage Triumph Register's TR4 Vehicle Consultant, Arthur Kelley. His email address can be found on the VTR Consultant's web site.

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks everyone the alternator has been found!

It fits 1964-65 Aston Martin DB5 1966-67 Aston Martin DB6 & Volante 1968-71 DBS & DBS V8 and is supplied for positve ground.

I was contacted by:

Mike Martinez

Star Auto Electric Company

207 W. Foothill Boulevard

Monrovia, California 91016-2146

Tel# (868) 969-7827 (Toll-Free)

e-mail: starautolectric@aol.com

web site: Welcome to Star Auto Electric

He saw my post here

Thank You,


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