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Piston Pin Bushes

Guest JohnArthurSpinks

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Guest JohnArthurSpinks

I recently purchased piston pin bushes for my 1936 straight eight Chrysler Airflow Coupe engine.

They were advertised by Falcon Global on eBay and the photo of the sample bush appeared as though it was made of either brass or bronze.

When they arrived here in Australia they have a steel back and a brass liner where they run on the pins and are plit along the length of the bush.

As I have never seen this type of pin bush before I thought that I may ask if anyone has used them and with what success.


John Spinks

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No reson why they should not be fine if the fit is right. They will never wear down to the steel backing, and they would make a heck of a rattle before they did. And remember what your big end and main bearing shee=lls are like, because they are a similar concept but in two pieces. I am sure I have used bushes like these before of local origin, either ACL or Repco. If you give me a ring (# from whitepages), I'll look up contact for you of one or two people here in Vic. that have long professional knowledge. Bill Freame made special racing pistons for the V8 "supercars", but long worked for Repco previously. I doubt you have a problem.

Ivan Saxton

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