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1918 E49 multiplate clutch problems


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My son has a fabulous 1918 Buick E49 which is experiencing clutch slip, but only after it has warmed up and travelled about 20 miles. It then starts slipping, getting steadily worse until it becomes undrivable. Thinking the clutch was a leather cone clutch with oil on the leather we bought some Fullers earth and were going to clean the cone with gasoline and then apply the Fullers earth. However, having removed the floorboards and clutch cover, I was surprised to see that it has a multiplate clutch with ? cork or ? asbestos friction discs. Is this standard for an '18 car, and if so does anyone have some literature with diagrams of the clutch, or better still some advice on how to cure the problem (preferably without dismantling it, as we are planning a long journey at the end of May)

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Thank you for the photos Leif. It looks like a very similar clutch. Just one question, did you remove the engine or the gearbox to get at the clutch? Also is that clutch lining cork or hard asbestos based friction lining?

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