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WTB 41 American LaFrance Ignition Parts

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I received this email request:

My name is Dennis Duff and I’m with the Vancouver Fire Dept, Emergency Equipment Services. We have a 1941 American LaFrance fire engine in our shop and we are looking for ignition tune up parts. Specifically, distributor cap’s (distributor Delco Remy # 1111202 1E21), rotor’s (1844262) and points/condenser for each of the two distributors on this motor, (it’s a dual distributor, 24 plug, ALF V-12). Do you have any idea where I might find these parts?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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1941 American LaFrance???

Closed cab or open cab??

Jay Leno has a '42 open cab. I like the closed cab because they remind me of a giant pickup truck on steroids.

My dad and I have a '42 American LaFrance on a Ford chassis, and a '49 700 series ladder truck. Unfortunately I can't help you and I'm not aware of any parts available. I've seen very few of those trucks out there.

Two places where you can go looking for parts:

1. SPAAMFAA website - www.spaamfaa.org

2. American LaFrance Owner's Network - www.alfowners.org

- Both websites allow you to post free want ads, as well as have people selling parts as well. You have a very rare truck, and some of the parts might not be easy. Is that engine a Continental or a Hercules??

If you get me the serial number off the data plate, I can research the shipping order and the delivery date on the truck.

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Hey Mark, You want another one? For parts maybe?

1947, running. All ignition parts are present and working.

I bought points at NAPA.

Its a smoker though.

Looks like the last post will have your ign parts, but here is another possible, Tom 402-359-5762


Regards, Jack in Oregon




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