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Found a 65 - Suggestions on What to Look For


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I stumbled across a 65 Riv for sale only 13 miles from home. crazy.gif Not sure yet but think asking price is $1000 but I'm thinking $500. Car is not advertised publically just a word of mouth thing.

I got a quick look at it in the pouring rain but the owner was not home. Its a borderline parts car or restore. My only goal in buying it would be to flip it on ebay and make a few bucks to support the 66 restoration.

I noticed it had power windows but no power vents. It has a decent wood wheel with no horn bar. Plain wheels with original hubcaps. Body is straight with minimal rust showing and paint looks original except for the doors which are primered. Bumpers are straight with no dings or rust. Seat backs look nice but seat bottoms were covered so don't know about them. car shows 83k mi. It looked pretty much untouched/unmolested from what I could see.

I don't know much about these 1st gen cars. What areas are most prone to rust particularly areas in the floors or trunk that might be hard to detect. Any thing else I should look for that would significantly help or hurt the value?


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At $500 bucks you can`t go wrong for a parts car. The time you save having something close at hand is worth it. Parting it out is another question. I`d give it a pass....by the way do you have the guys phone number? (lol)

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