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Give it your best shot!!!!!

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OK guys, you usually kick butt with the identity of odd things. Give this a shot. The only thing I know for sure is that it's a 6 cylinder. If you think you can figure it out, show me proof {if you can}. NO this one isn't an airplane engine!! LOL Thanks, Kent





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It is a Teetor-Hartley engine. This same engine was shown on Prewar.com a couple of years ago.

It was used in various cars such as an American Underslung, Pilot, and others.

Of course this is missing the manifolds.

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I thought that would be the first guess, since I have brought up Teetor Hartley so much. I'm not saying that it isn't a Teetor engine.I have many pictures of Teetor engines, as well as being very versed with the company. I cannot find any such engine like this in any of my information. Teetor engines were cast by a Continental. Then they were shipped to Teetor for assembly. There are many things that this engine shares with most 6 cylinders of the era. There were a lot of T head engines that look simular to Teetor. That is why I would like proof of what this is. The two "humps" for the dual cams seems to big for Teetor engines. All the pictures that I have show this as a smaller "diameter", for the cam gear. Any more thoughts?

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