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16V Ambassador

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Hello everyone,

Well, I work for chrysler and this is day 5 of bankruptcy and all of my fellow managment buddies and myself are busy cleaning up the plant getting ready for the VP of Fiat powertrain, Sergio Marccione, too tour the plant Thursday!! Being that Fiat owns Ferrari and Maserati I thought of a great way to break the ICE with our possible new Itialian owners. My 1989 TC 16V Yellow with Tan interior will be sitting at the front door as an ambassador!!!! The real interesting thing is that the block from the car was machined at the engine plant where I work!!!! I want to arm my Plant Manager with some interesting facts besides the obvious, so I was hoping for some input from my fellow TC enthusiasts.

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I think that's a great idea, the car could be used as a subtle reminder that bad or no marketing can kill a fantastic car. The TC was before Fiat took over Maserati, DeT was at the start of the TC's planning and the Italian government owned Maserati during a lot of TC production.

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I think it would be a nice gesture. Those of us who own TC's are pretty proud of them and go through a lot to keep them running. What happened in the past is history. This demonstates that we care. There are a lot of people who take pride in keeping the fallen automobile names alive for others to remember. We'll soon be able to add Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer to the list.

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Hello TC;

Great idea about the ambassador at the front entrance. Just hope Sergio Marccione was in the automotive industry 20 years ago and knows something about the Italian Connection.

Some facts that might be helpful:

Lee Iacocca started friendship with Alejandro de Tomaso while at Ford, which led to the successful De Tomaso Pantera. During the 1980s, Iacocca found himself at the helm of Chrysler while De Tomaso was the owner of the historic Maserati brand. In 1984, both companies signed a memorandum of understanding to create a sport coupe, which ultimately became the TC.

Class: Grand Tourer

Platform: FF Q-body

Production in:

1989 3,764

1990 1,900

1991 1,636

Total 7,300

Today only about 1200 TC's are registered in the United States.

There are three TCs registered in the United Kingdom. My 1989 8V is one of these.


Bob Steele

TC America


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Hey Tom,

Another item about that deal. This happened when De Tommasso was gathering money to buy Maserati. Chrysler just sold that money pit Tank devision. That sale brought Chrysler out of that very tight finiancial storm, and to help in the raising of funds Chrysler bought 5% of Maserati. After the demise of the TC the stock was liquidated and no actual value was recieved by Chrysler. Chrysler promised many more units than the 7300. Between the "Artful Italians" taking 2 years longer to bring the TC to market that what Lee wanted, and the Americanized LeBaron copy selling 70,000 in the first year. Lee shut down the deal. Believe me there was no happiness in "mudville" (milan).

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Yeah, I recall some of that! My Dad was a Chrysler Executive at the time and he and a lot of his counterparts were given TC's as company cars because they could not sell them. My Dad decided to buy his, so he has a Red 16V with only 7,500 miles!! His is also the only from the factory with the black nerf srtips on the front end painted the same as the body color. This is the car that I took to the Prom and several homecomings!!

I hope the Chrysler Fiat Deal works out better then the whole TC debacle. It appears the Federal Judge OK'd the sale today, but it is open to competative bids until May 20th. I am one of the lucky ones because my plant make the Jeep Wrangler and Minivan engines!! These are about the only things that are selling besides the Ram!! Wrangler sale were up 16% last month.

Thanks for the facts, I will prep my Boss the best I can!!!

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Thanks for sharing the additional detail about your dad's car and the many events you remember from your youth.

Trust the visit went better than planned and Chrysler will survive once again.

Please keep us posted.



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