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'89 16V Leather

Guest LouZ

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Guest LouZ

Well most of you know I got that 16V from Cal. last year. Hemi picked it up in No. Cal. & brought it down to his shop in So. Cal. Went thru it with his normal care to detail, and left the TLC to me. When it arrived the seats looked like they were 2 tone. Kinda a cross between Ginger (which they are not), and Bordeaux (they are that), The leather was not "cardboard hard", but the surface was so dried out from the sun (top down all the time), that the grain had developed hairline cracks that showed the hide below the dye. What you saw was all this tan showing and it looked kinda more tan than red. I was very anxious to treat the leather while we still had heat to help the Leatherique Rejouvenator soak in. That's my reason for not taking pictures and I'm sticking to it.( Hemi has pictures of the interior that he promised to send, and I will post)..

For now I will post these. Taken just after the 3rd rejouvenator treatment last fall (4 treatments in all, consist of rubbing the Rejouvenator into the leather and leaving the leather surface wet. Parking in the sun. Closing the car up tight. and leaving it for 3 days.) I did this 3 times last fall while we still had 90 drg. days. Stored it away all winter and just recently (when it was 90 for more than 3 days) took it out and did a final treating, Let it bake good. Then gave it 2 complete washes with Pristene Clean. These pictures are after 3 soak, & bakes, then I cleaning last fall. Just before it was stored. That little bit of tan in the grain, and some worn areas made me decide to wait and give it one more treatment this spring. That story & pics. is next post




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