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Vintage cars everywhere!

Guest Hinckley

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Guest Hinckley

The Route 66 Fun Run, held in Kingman, Arizona, the first weekend in May is always interesting as most of the cars are not trailer queens and there is a wide diversity of makes and models even though street rods usually dominate. This year, however, was truly spectacular!


My schedule this year only allowed for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon and another hour that evening. Still, I managed to take almost 200 photos. Praise the Lord for digital cameras!

I posted a few photos on my blog, Route 66 Chronicles , and will post more later in the week.

The streets were lined with everything from a World War II armored command car to a Greyhound Scenicruiser bus, from a 1910 Cadillac to a 1950 Olds sedan driven down from Alberta. In all there was close to 1,000 vehicles participating in the run or on display.

You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting something you hadn't seen in years if at all. Among the ture rarities were a Corvair powered Ultravan motorhome (very rare), a Franklin Airman, a 1950 Ford Victoria, a 1949 Packard convertible, and an early 1930's Chevy convertible.

I will let everyone know when new photos are posted on the blog.

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