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1964-65-66 Nailhead Parts and transmissions


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I have many parts and some complete motors and transmissions from 1964-65-66 Big block buicks.<BR>Retired and getting out of hobby.<P>941-756-6283

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Still building a '64 'cat 401 V-8 and need:<BR>1) Head bolts<BR>2) Pins for heads<BR>3) Rocker arms<BR>4) Rocker arm bridges<BR>5) Push rods<BR>6) Timing chain<BR>7) Timing gears<BR>8) Oil pan bolts<BR>9) Valve cover bolts<BR>10) Clutch, pressure plate, & throwout bearing<BR>11) Cam button<P>Have any? Lemme know if so and the costs, guesstimating shipping to me in Boardman, Ohio. Thanks!<P><BR>

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