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90-91 Reatta steering wheel/airbag what are my other choices?

Guest THEHKP7M13

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Guest THEHKP7M13

I understand I am putting the cart before the horse, but it is bothering me.

I have inspected two 1991 Reattas at this point for possible purchase. Both had issues with their horn buttons. Upon further observation on the internet it seems many of the 90-91's have issues with their horn buttons - not an appealing trait to me.

Since I am not particularly fond of the style of the 90-91 steering wheel, but not opposed to an airbag as much as some others on the board what are my steering wheel options? Could I swap in a wheel/airbag from a 91-96 Roadmaster or a 95-99 Riviera?

Do these share the same module?

Is the wiring the same?

Am I barking up a terrible tree?

Is it all too much or a bother and should I just R&R a 88-89 wheel into there with the resistor in place?

Or are the horn buttons an easy/cheap thing to rectify and I should just live with that steering wheel/airbag?

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Guest CL_Reatta

The horn buttons can be fixed by using some fishing wire to hold them in place. Philip told me that, that was the Buick fix as suggested in the Manual and as Ronnie just linked you.... I'd just stick with the keeping the wheel, my 90 horn buttons are still there 200k miles later

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Guest jcc3inc


I too would like to consider a *different* steering wheel; when I bought this '91, the lower left and lower right positions are JUST where I usually grip the wheel. But the wheel support is located there so I must have my hands flat on the wheel instead of being able to wrap my fingers around it. Now our '97 leSabre has a nicely placed opening just in those spots, so for me, it is a lot more comfortable to drive. The spokes are above and below the ideal place for my hands.

Since the '97 has airbags too, isn't there the possibility of replacing the '91 wheel with a '97 steering wheel/airbag?? Also, a nice feature of the '97 is the radio controls in the steering wheel. I like the ability to change volume/mute/change stations on the wheel. Of course this would require a later model radio plus other wiring.

Has anyone tried this?


Jack C.

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Actually the steering wheel controls wiring was in GM radios as early as 1986 (Pontiac 6000 STE). A greater issue would be the steering column pieces and harness needed.

I would just suggest finding a wheel you like and make sure the spline, offset, and air bag connector are the same, it is a relatively easy swap. Just disconnect the battery and leave it for a few minutes just to be safe.

That said to my thinking our 1990 Bonnie needed steering wheel controls so you did not need to lean over to reach the radio and a/c. This is not an issue with a Reatta.

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