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Canadian Reatta pics...front, rear and under the hood


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Here's a few more pictures of the 1991 Canadian Reatta convertible. You'll see the a/c cord on top of the battery for the engine heater, a look under the hood, and a couple of other views.

I wish I could post the pictures the way Padgett does, but I'm happy to get this far getting the pix to come through.

I love this car. smile.gif






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Guest dpannell

Bob, Really clean nice looking car..... I'm partial to the white/white combo. What's the switch ahead of the shifter? Neither of my 90's have it?


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I pulled the picture from the original post, because the glare from the sun blocked out some of the words in the panel. You can see the dealer just removed the tape because it bunches up.

I think what you are talking about is the on-off switch for the running lights. In the '90's I believe its on the light switch itself. Here's the picture:


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The fog/running light switch was moved from the headlight switch (1990) to the front of the console in 1991. Part of the reason...in 1991 the Reatta received automatic headlight feature and that occupies the location formally controlled by the fog light switch. (this also makes 1990 Reatta headlight switches harder to find)

Bob, on the passanger side of the engine picture, one of the 1/4 turn thumbscrews is missing from the black panel in front of the wipers...... that would be a 1 point deduction.

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