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I'm French, and I like old cars. I found this website when I search something on the web.

I propose you to discover some old french cars I see in my country.

Sorry for my (bad) english...


I start with Citroën cars

Citroën Ami 6 - 1967







Citroën 2CV


Citroën Dyane



Citroën B12 or B14


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<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'">Nice pictures!

The car I like most is the blue 1953 Studebaker on the right side from the TA! blush.gif

The Renault 14 was a model which wasn't appriciated enough I think! I traded many during my car selling years and they were hard to sell secondhand, but nevertheless a usable car. Ashame for the bad quality steel they used then in France. The Renault 17 was a very nice one as well, my mother owned one when I got my drivers license. I liked it very much!

Thank you for the good old memories! cool.gif


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<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'">I had the same Cinq, same year, only yellow. Was my first car and it had rust as well in the 80's!

Good memories never last! grin.gif

When we were a 'concessionaire' Citroen I sold many of those 2-cylinder Visa's, the Visa that sounds like a 2CV!

Nice they are collectable after all. The bumpers on the type II don't change color as much as the type I.

Your's looks to be very original.

Bonne chance!



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Merci for posting those great photos. I wonder if any of the French car makers are considering a return to the U.S. market. I love the '54 Studebaker in a couple of your photos. I'm a big Studebaker fan.

I hope you post again.


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Bravo Deudeuche86 - les images sont superbe!

Et une autre voiturette française ... notre Sizaire et Naudin 1909.

Seulement un cylindre de 1600cc. C'est très belle!


Et bientôt nous aurons un Citroen deux chevaux de 1989!

Adelaide, Sud Australie...:)

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