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If you tow or race or simply drive....

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I think you'll find this product intriguing. It's so simple that I should have thought of it. It's initially designed for the trailer industry but has far-reaching application on anything that has wheels.

On a car you sometimes get a warning that lug nuts have come loose. If you ignore that warning the results can be catastrophic. Lug nuts often come loose because of uneven torque. The problem is that the mating surface of the lug nut and wheel aren't always perfect and tightening down on corrosion or dirt doesn't give you a true torque value.

Towing a trailer doesn't give you the same feedback as the wheels of a tow vehicle do so you simply get no warning when lug nuts come loose. Dexter Axle developed a lug nut that allows you to get a true torque reading with a two piece nut. The inner piece is a cone that matches the angle of a standard lug nut. The outer part is like a lug nut without the bevel. Where the two meet is a machined finish that allows the outer to be tightened against the inner bevel without rotating it.

Here's the Dexter Axle PDF that explains how and why. http://dexteraxle.com/i/u/1080235/f/product_flyers/Torq-N-Go_2-09.pdf


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Guest simplyconnected

That is a step in the right direction. Aftermarket wheels use straight-shanked nuts, some also use a Uni-Lug type washer for a broader compatability. I really like the straight-shanked nuts because the nut 'sleeve' strengthens the studs and forms positive location for the wheels, especially when using wheel spacers for backspacing adjustments.

All these methods are far too expensive for oem's to adopt. Anyway, I'm glad someone is doing more engineering on wheel studs. I have seen wheels flying over expressway dividers and headed towards on-coming traffic. It's no joke when it happens.


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