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"The Italians"

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Came upon a beautiful color print of our TC titled "The Italians " . I'm told it was designed 20 years ago and no longer in print. But.. I found a shop in Boston that frames the print and sells and ships them . The print has a red TC with Lee Iococc behind the wheel, top down, with Frank Sinatra along side. The charactors, all famous Italian's , actors, singers, all in caricature form . You can see it @ www.FriendlyFramer.com . search , The Italian's. Store is @ 347 Hanover Street Boston, Ma. 617 227-1715. Ask for Romular if you call. Mention the club site maybe we can get a discount. smile.gif

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I wonder how many he claims to have. I hope he is not printing them in the back and selling them. BTW-I know the artist and know how many were made/reproduced. I sent this "art site" to him to verify. I am lucky enough to have a signed original in my gallery---er I mean living room.

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