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Classic car ins. for multi, vechicles

R Walling

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Does anyone know of a company that insures multiple Classic cars that are to be driven solely by the owner?

I wish to insure several cars, and as I can only drive one at a time, I would assume that there would be a plan for that purpose.

As I understand my insurance, I hold a "master" libiality policy for all three cars that I have registered and individual collision policies on each individual car, all rolled into one policy.

As it stands now, in Ma. my three cars can be driven by three persons at the same time (as long as they do not live in my houshold) which in my opinion, would greatly increase the chance of an accident.

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So, you're saying that you are a lower risk because you can only take out 1 car at a time? Probably true but the clause is there to allow you to take multiple cars to a show. Still a low risk activity.

Classic car insurance is dirt cheap. My '77 Town Car is insured for $15,000 for a premium of $90 a year. How low can they go?

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You can usually get an "umbrella coverage" type of thing where you insure all cars, but only covers one at a time while driving. You just have to let them know in advance to switch the coverage to the car being used at that time. That is the way mine works.

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All the classic car policies stop charging for the Liability portion after the first few cars. This is based on the assumption that you don't drive them all at the same time.

However, you can allow anyone to drive them, with your permission, they will all be covered.

Call or go on the Internet to Hagerty Insurance, J.C.Taylor,

American Collectors or any of the others. Premiums are cheap

and there is some difference in usage limitations and the difference between agreed value and stated value.

Shop around. The all advertise in antique car publications.

It's hard to make a big mistake with thses established collector car insurance companies.

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