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90 red reatta coupe tan interior on fla car lot

Guest squiretom

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Guest squiretom

higroup , haven't posted for awhile , but found one for sale in central florida at intersection of 33 and 50 in mascotte fla area.

car appears very solid body wise , motor and ac run quiet.

217 k mils bought from an auction.

interior and carpet good to very good . pass headlight makes noise but works , pass window slow but works . all glass and mirrors good. hood may have been bent a little.

no manual or build sheet.

correct wheels but shabby, inst. panel seems to work although oil pressure gage maxes out when running.

took some pictures if any one is interested i will post.

? asking $2000 ?

Billy's Auto

MAscotte, Florida

352 429 1005


1 G 4 E C 1 3 C 9 L B 9 0 3 4 4 0

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