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1933 series 90, 7 passanger Sedan - Just arrived

Guest outlaw car man

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Guest outlaw car man

Opps, forgot a new topic -

Just got the car in this morning, here are numbers off the Body plate:

1933 90

Job No 33112

Body # 431

Trim # 164

Paint No 315

Any information you have would be appreciated. Car is about 85% restored, basically needs a new interior-

Just unpacking now, will do some pictures after the excitement wears off-


Sandy Jones


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Guest 39BuickSpecial

Hey Sandy,

Congrats on finding such a great automobile!! If you are a member of the BCA (Buick Club of America) you have access to live and real time help from Technical advisors listed in the monthly magazine, "Buick Bugle." I spoke only yesterday to "my" advisor regarding my 39 Buick Special. I received more than I bargained for from a great guy (Jon Bassett) in Florida anxious to help me resolve my overheating issues.

Of course, this venue has many experienced and long-time Buick owners who can offer plenty of quality advise and help.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Larry Martin,

Allentown, Pennsylvania

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Guest outlaw car man

Larry, thanks & good luck with your project-

Interesting enough, my 90 had about the same experience of a restoration project gone south- Engine was rebuilt professionally, everything taken apart for restoration, body done & painted, all chrome components re-chromed then it stopped midway ( zillion little pieces all wrapped up) . everything was packed up and stored since 1994-1995.

Car is a one owner vehicle, I'm the second owner now, been in the same family since 1933. Have the original 1933 title.

all the nuts & bolt & everything was saved and most marked ( got lucky)

I haven't fired it up yet, brakes work etc. All original glass was saved, EVERYTHING that was original to the car-

Car has 28,000 miles on it.

Missing the large round backside to one of the side mount covers ( yes has both side mount covers) , missing one jump seat ? Tires are new ( 1995)

I've been in touch with Paul & the Buick Registry. Car needs backseat upright springs and front seat, seat springs, don't know why they are missing. The top insert ( new) is in box, all the top wood new.

As I've said have a huge box of nuts & bolts & things from the dis assembly to go thru-

Fun !

Sandy Jones

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