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SASCO - Closing end of 2009 ?

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I just saw this on another board I'm on and thought I'd pass it along to those it matters most to. I checked thier website first and found no mention of this, but it may be pretty fresh news.

Good luck, Phil

SASCO, the last remaining directly Studebaker related business in South Bend Indiana, which sells NOS Studebaker parts from the supply left over from Studebaker factory production will close forever at the end of 2009!!!

The parts inventory is owned Dennis and his wife, and he was leasing the old Studebaker Engineering building from the City. They are not renewing his building lease, so they can tear down one of the last old Studebaker buildings in the revitalization area. Dennis is going to retire since he is of that age. He did save the parts about 10 years ago when the City tore down the old building they were in. He ain't going thru moving all that stuff again! It was a MASSIVE job!! If you have ANY WANTS/DESIRES for parts for your Studebaker projects, you better call and order it and spares, There is talk of Studebaker International in southern Indiana absorbing the inventory, but don't wait in case it falls thru. If no one buys the stuff, it could end up in the scrap heap, which we hope does NOT happen. SASCO 1-574-287-3381

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There is an extensive thread on the SDC website and a post from Ed Reynolds explaining what he will be doing. Studebaker International has purchased the SASCO inventory and it will stay in South Bend.

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