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Need 1939 Studabaker straight eight engine lifter body


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Hello to all, I have a 1939 Studabaker President with a straight eight engine. The engine is being rebuilt and during cleanup the engine shop accidently tossed the cast lifter bodys into the trash and need them to finish the motor, anyone got some or know who would? Thanks for taking the time to help, its been a couple years and want to put her back together and see the engine run!! Please help....

I have a photo of the block, they bolt in the side and hold the lifters in.


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Guest stude8

The parts you lost are in Group A16 "Engine valves and lifters" in the part catalog.

A16-11 = Guide, Engine valve lifter; Pt Number <span style="font-weight: bold">183279</span>;

the same part is used from 1935 to 1940 in models 1B,1C,2C,3C,4C,5C and 6C. *All President 8 engines and 1935 Commander 8.

All you need to find is another President donor engine 1935-40.

Try John Dwyer in Racine, WI 262-681-3080, he had several parts engines that age. Otherwise Bob Kapteyn, Joliet,IL 815-722-7262 he has large prewar parts supplies. *Both maybe on the way to South Bend, IN swap meet this weekend?


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