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I have a 1964 Buick LeSabre with the Wildcat 300 V-8. I would like to know if any one can tell me what the CVWR (Combined Vehical Weight Rating) is. In other words how heavy of a travel trailer can I safely tow? I have been looking for verified evidence of this for about 6-8 months and have not been able to find it anywhere. Please contact me at Trailer4Us@aol.com. Hope to hear from you.


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I doubt if you will find anyone who will commit to the formula you are looking for. A rule of thumb in the 1960's & 70's was the trailer should weigh less than tow vehicle. The hitch weight will normally be about 10% of the total trailer weight. If you pull a 16 foot trailer it will have close to 250 pounds hitch weight. Try standing on the back bumper and watch the back end go down.

I successfully pulled a 4,000 pound 20 foot Starcraft tandem axle trailer and a 4,200 pound 26 foot Airstream tandem axle with a 4,400 pound 383 CID 1967 Chrysler Newport. Because of the high speed rear end, the car pulled best in the 60 to 70 mph range. The trailer hitch weight will require the need for a class III frame hitch with weight equalizer bars. Air shocks are not an option to lift the rear of the vehicle. Longer trailers will require an anti-sway hitch attachment. You will need to hook up the trailer brakes and the car's drum brakes will give out in hard usage.

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