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1965 Full size Questions


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Looking at a 65 Jetstar 88 that has been painted original burgandy mist. The paint appears to have a slight metallic shine as opposed to just a shiny burgandy color. Is this correct or did the paint shop goof? Also, could these cars come with a 425 as an option? I know standard was 330 Cutlass motor but since its basically identicle to a Dynamic, wasn't sure. Thanks info gurus. Pat

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Olds generally called their metallic colors "mist" or sometimes "poly". I had a Burgundy Mist 66 Starfire years ago with the fine metallic.

65 and 66 J88 were strictly 330 equipped at the factory but a 425 will drop in. Don't know that I'd want a 425 in front of a Jetaway or with those 9" brakes though.

67 Delmont 88 (J88 replacement) could have the 425 factory installed, and all Delmont convertibles were 425 cars.

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