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Duesenberg Twenty Grand Replica Project

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This is a project my father started three months prior to his unexpected death. He was an avid car collector having 30-some vehicles in his collection at one time. Unfortunately, due to his untimely death he will never be able to see his dream of having the Duesenberg Twenty Grand replicated. I have been working on this project with great sentimental passion since his death, however, the sentiment has waned. I am currently working with the builder to find a buyer to purchase this project from me. I own the molds, patterns and all materials that have gone into the making of the vehicle to date. Those will be available to purchase with the vehicle as well. This is not built by a chop shop. The builder has been in the business of building Duesenberg replica's and other vehicles for close to 30 years. I am simply interested in moving forward with my own desires rather than those of my deceased father. These photos posted are from about two years ago. The project has progressed since. I just haven't taken many pictures during the process. More info available. Any thoughts of potential interest may be directed to shallb60@aol.com or through this site. Thank You.






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