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1953 Buick Upper Grille bar

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This is the upper grille bar that mounts above the famous Buick 'tooth' grille; original, not rechromed (yet). Has a minor hairline crack between the "K" & the end. Otherwise VERY good condition. Minimal 'pitting'. NOTE: fits ONLY 1953 Series 40 (Special, Straight-8) as it is too narrow for the 50 Series V-8 models. Buick part # 1345990. Includes extra 2 '53 hubcaps & assorted stainless from '52-'53 Buicks (fair condition). Asking $250.00 for all. Contact me at: Moonstruck1@Hotmail.com (Las Vegas, NV USA <span style="font-family: 'Arial'"> </span>

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