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WTB stomberg carburetor

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wanted: a stromberg updraft carburetor- mp2, this is a rare carb for a 1920's pierce arrow 2 ton truck, carb is brass and air intake is angled back towards engine block, has a 2 bolt flange, and total width of flange outside to outside is 3 1/2 inches, throat size 1 1/2 inches, if you can help let me know please, thanks mike

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hi, drbs, yes i am still looking for white chaindrive truck parts for a 3 ton truck, i need the sprockects that bolt to the insides of the rear rims as well as a few other missing bits, thanks.

mark your marvel/schebler carburettor sounds like it may be an option as my chances of finding the correct stromberg carb are fairly slim, i dont know how many litres the pierce arrow engine is, but it is a very large 4 cylinder twin ignition engine, adapting another carb is a bit of a hit and miss affair i've being told, but better than nothing, maybe you could give me some more details then i could discuss it with a carb rebuilder here and see what he reckons, cheers mike.

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The old Stromberg Catalogues show that many "O" and "LB" model carburators can handle a 250-300 ci engine. They have tables in the last pages of the old Stromberg manuals. Many of these are updraft types and were also applied on 1920-1923 cars (like my big six Kissel). LB's and O-types are available often on ebay. I suggest that you could mount one of these as long as you can get an adapting flange. These are occasionally on ebay (very rare but a standard accessory in the 1920's), or you can have one machined. Model M Stromberg carbs are not common and I have seen several cars retrofitted to use more available stromberg models.

Thanks, -- RON HAUSMANN --

PS - Tuning a Stromberg LB or O type requires patience !!

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