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Help with 33 Packard Carb


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I don't have the parts you need but can enclose a photo of the fast idle weight and screw which I had photographed a while back for someone who was making the needed parts for his own use.

Oops - I just noticed you have that part already. But as I look at Tom's picture, I'm not certain that the choke shaft arm is in the right position - the thru-pin should catch between the two ears of the counterweight - maybe this original Stromberg diagram with help also.



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Looks like if I had part A4 I could make the rest fairly easily. Right next this car is a 34 Standard Eight with the correct parts (but I hate to mess up the settings to take part off - it is a super nice running car) but in eyeshot are a dozen other cars that also need a this or a that, so was hoping to find the part verses make it.

I did try the The Carb Shop and he was helpful but said "if he had a parts carb he would have rebuilt it and sold it eons ago to fund his retirement."

Pictures are a big help. What first caught my eye was the return sping on the accelorator (I will adapt up something).

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Given the relatively high survival rate of 33/34 Packards, the EE-22 is not an easy find at a reasonable price. $400-500 or so doesn't even necessarily buy a good one these days. Although they differ in venturi size, jet size, etc., here are the other cars that used the EE-22, you might have better luck checking with their clubs/members:

Buick, Chrysler, Graham, Hupmobile, Lincoln, Nash, and Studebaker.

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Yes, I understand they are rare though kind of stuck as the automatic choke parts I need are unique to 33 and 34 Packard.

I do not need a good carb (the one on the car is very nice) and the parts do not need to be platable - just functional as car gets very little use (even though the car is perhaps the finest surviving unrestored example of a 33). Even the most derelict of carbs should have the parts required in decent enough condition.


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