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Piedmont Motor Car Company


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Hey Guys,

I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but I thought I would try once again to see if someone might have some information regarding the Piedmont Motor Car Company. The cars were built between 1917 -1922, in Lynchburg, Va. manufactured under the names of Piedmont, Lone Star, Bush and Alsace. I'm familar with the info listed in the "Standard Catalog of American cars", so I'm hoping that someone may see this post and may have something new.

Thanks for the input!

Steve P

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The only data I have is in MoToR for January 1921.Lone Star 4-35had a 4cyl Lycoming K side valve engine, 19.6hp@1800 revs, claimed to average 19mpg. It had detacheable head, bore and stroke 3 1/2"x 5", 2"crankpin diameter and 1 1/2"valve head diameter. Pistonsw were cast iron, the three bearing crankshaft was not drilled for oil, and there was thermosyphon cooling. There was pressure oil feed to the main bearings and splash feed for big ends; there were 24grease points on the chassis, and fuel feed was vacuum tank. There was a plate clutch and 3 speed gearbox in unit with the engine; two universal joints, a full floating rear axle with 4.25 ratio. brakes were rear wheel only with total lining area of 36x 1 3/4". There was Hotchkiss drive, ie drive and brake torque taken through the rear springs. It had 116"wheelbase and 33x4 tyres, semi-elliptic rear springs, and touring car weight, ready for the road of 2540pounds.

The Piedmont4-30 had the same Lycoming K engine, and iffers from the Lone Star as follows:

30hp@2000. 1 5/8"diameter valves, 18mpg, only 8 points on the chassis required grease and 4 oil;, axle ratio was 4.45, brakes were larger with 40 1/2"x1 7/8"lining on the service brake and 38"x1 7/8"for the hand brake; same wheelbase, 32x3 1/2 tyres, and the weight was identical. Presumably this very similar car may have been preferred for steeper country. It was about $20 cheaper than the Lone Star ($1485)

Piedmont 6-40, ($1945) had a 6cylinder Continental 7W detacheable head side valve engine with block and crankcase cast in one, 3 1/4"x 4 1/2"bore and stroke, and should have averaged 16mpg. Big end journals were 1 7/8"diameter and valves 1 3/8",3 main bearings, and pump cooling. There were 16 grease and 4 oil points on the chassis, rear axle was semi-floating with 4.45 ratio. Brakes were slightly bigger with 45"x1 7/8"and 42 1/2"x 1 7/8"lining area for service and hand brakes respectively. Wheelbase was 122", tyres 32x4, and weight 3875pounds.

I hope this is some of the information that you want. Other pages probably give the odd photo, prices of different body options, and identify suppliers of chassis and electrical components. I am not quick at transcribing all this for you, and recommend that you seek to study this magazine and others in a suitable library for the period the cars that interest you were made. Ivan Saxton

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