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Rear end width for '54 Buick Special?


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Actually, backing plate to backing plate. Outside drum to outside drum would be good too.

I've got a line on a Dana 44 that's 56 inches wide, but doesn't have drums. That distance is backing plate to backing plate.

It'd make a dandy housing for my open driveline conversion, if it'll fit without narrowing.

I like the Dana 44--in production since the '50s on Packards and Studebakers, Checker cabs, and Jeeps and Fords thru today. Nice, because that means ANY gear ratio is available brand new from Dana Spicer (so the quality is better, with a quieter gear than aftermarket gear sets), as well as brand new Posi units and rebuild kits.


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Hey Brad,

Not sure if they are the same but the 55 Special measures 53" from backing plate to backing plate. I have the drums off the axle so just hooked the end of the tape on the outside edge of one side and stretched it to the outside edge of the other.

Hope this helps.


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