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71 Buick GS Grilles


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Atlanta Buick Specialties is in the process of reproducing the 71 Buick GS Grille. We are hoping to have the project completed in time to bring them to the GS Nationals in Bowling Green. We need to get an idea, however, of how much interest there is in these grilles. Current production cost estimates place the price of the grille at around $500. Actual costs could be as high as $550. As for quality, it will be an exact reproduction of the 71 GS Grille. Quality is the top priority of this project. If you have any interest in this grille at the prices above, PLEASE LET US KNOW. The more interest there is, the less we will be able to charge to cover the reproduction costs. Plus, the manufacturer needs a count on how many we think we will need. They prefer to make them in large lots and not ones and twos and such. This also helps us get a lower cost on the grilles. If you are SERIOUSLY interested in one of these grilles (PLEASE DO NOT SEND US MONEY), then DO PLEASE send an email to us at atlantabuick@yahoo.com and let us know how many you would be willing to purchase (assuming that the quality is there which it will be). <BR>After reproducing the 71 GS Grille, we will be considering which year to next produce. Our choices are 67, 68/69 (one grille to use for both years), 70, or 72. We will NOT be producing Skylark grilles AT ALL. If you are interested in one of these year grilles, please send an email to us at absgrilles@yahoo.com and let us know WHICH ONE you would be interested in purchasing if available. <P>Thanks for your feedback and interest in this project.<P><P>------------------<BR>Atlanta Buick Specialties<BR>www.atlantabuick.com<BR>atlantabuick@yahoo.com

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Hope the quality is better than the first attempt. heard bad things about them.I have restored 2 71 GS grills painting them is a teidious job. their should be some interest in the project. From what i hear from people needing grills repaired the 68 should be the next just my $.02 <P>------------------<BR>Sean Etson 64Special 12.72@105 64Skylark all orig. surviver 49Super model 51 chopped top mild custom in waiting

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